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HOLOGRAPHIC SCREENS 3D hologram, peppers ghost, telepresence

3D hologram, Pepper's Ghost (peppers ghost, pepper ghost), telepresence

There is much confusion about ‘3D holograms’, holographic screens, holographic images and Pepper’s Ghosts. Here is a quick explanation.

There are 3D screens: active and passive stereo images. Paradigm supplies screens and systems – please see our Simulation Division for more info.

So-called holographic screens fall into two types. True holographic screens are made with a true holographic film (HoloPro screens etc). The second types are almost clear films – very transmissive diffusion materials. Both will present an effective ‘ghostly’ image – but only if the content and the location is suitable. True holographic screens like HoloPro will work under both bright lights and low light levels. The other screens will ONLY work under low lighting levels.

‘3D hologram’ is an example phrase used to describe a simulated 3D image, using the old Pepper’s Ghost effect (see's_ghost - also known as Pepper Ghost and Peppers Ghost). These are used for advertising and promotional activities.

Advances in projectors and materials means Pepper’s Ghost can be used up to life size and large enough to use to fill an entire stage.

Telepresence is the new hot word in video conferencing (videoconferencing). In basic form telepresence (or ‘tele-presence’) can just be an array of LCD screens. But the most effective versions use Pepper’s Ghost. This form of telepresence not only brings a realistic 3D impression of the other person right into the room – it also allows proper eye to eye contact.

Telepresence, Pepper’s Ghost and holographic screen imagery is conceptually very simple. But to make it work requires deep technical understanding and experience of science, materials and advance design.

Paradigm’s vast experience make us your ideal partner supplier.

Pro Novo HoloPro

Works fantastically in both high light and low lighting conditions.

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Sax 3D holographic screen

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dnp Holo Screen - 3D hologram effect, holographic screen, holograph dnp Holo Screen - 3D hologram effect, holographic screen, holograph